Fort Wilson Riot at Voltage 2011

There are scores of photos of Fort Wilson Riot. Only one set stood out to me. Dan Schulz over at Mordac really captured the feeling of the performances.

I like it, Dan. I like it.

For a refreshing take on fashion reviews, read Sarah Heuer's review of the Voltage show from her own, non-fashion educated perspective. Titled Envy, chiffon, and sublimated homoeroticism at Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2011, her piece does indeed cover those topics. It also plays directly to my interests by calling Fort Wilson Riot's Amy Hager 'the best-looking woman'. Amen, sister. Didn't I tell you they were cutie pies?

Also, don't forget to check in on my friends Tim+Thom's sugary sweet boutique aptly called You and Me. You'll about pee your pants it's so cute.