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Well, it's been a while. After the Shantay frenzy, I've decided to give the old studio a break. And a good cleaning/reorganization. Compared to the flood of work I was doing for the Shantay, the past few weeks have seemed like a mere trickle. Seems like it. But it's not, really. I've been sewing up lots of mittens for Trash Bags, working on my gown for Danielle Everine's wedding (only two more weeks!), and making cute things like this.

You see, my sister is having a baby! I made this denim dachshund for her firstborn. The undersides of the ears, the nose and the belly are soft & fuzzy flocked fabric. Sticking with the jeans theme, I used studs for the eyes. Using denim was an interesting choice to me. Can't wait to see how this doggy wears over time. The denim will be so soft after making it through the toddler years, and the color will fade beautifully after every ride in the washing machine. Hope the baby likes it. I do, and I'm thinking about making more. How awesome would it be to have a whole fleet of wiener dogs? Name them Dicky, Johnny, Willy, and Woody!

Final fashion show at the Sashay Shantay

It was amazing! I was completely blown away by what my fellow designers produced for the last on-ice runway show at the shantay. We were also lucky enough to have photojournalist Nate Howard at the show. He took some beautiful black and white photos not just of the runway, but also behind the scenes in the shanty and the hair & make-up van. Please do yourself a favor and view his photo galleries here and here.

Nuclear Winter themed Shantay show

Polar bear pants, a quilted pullover and an embroidered sheepskin hat. Yep, should be enough to survive the apocalypse.

WithChild on-Ice Runway Show at the Sashay Shantay!

My second look for the on-ice runway shows was modeled by Ashley Kuehl. In keeping with the theme, Ashley is 9 months pregnant. Doesn't she look great? The garment was woolen tweed with a hand knit collar by Bridget Thuemmel. Thanks, Bridgie! I also made her windproof & waterproof choppers, they were super warm. Again, this look will be shown again at our Grand Finale fashion show on February 5th. See you there!

Sparkle Beautiful Ice Skating Runway Show

For the first of four runway shows from the Sashay Shantay out at the Art Shanty Projects, I made this skating outfit. I was inspired by the night sky, especially the big dipper. Made out of navy blue satin, and hand studded, it's a simple sheath dress with severe shoulders and crisp folds. If you missed the Sparkle Beautiful show, you'll be able to see it (and many other designs) again at our Grand Finale show on February 5th.

Artists on Ice

We have arrived. The Shantay now resides on Medicine lake! Check out thee Sashay Shantay website for a bigger, longer update. I must get back to work.

Perhaps You've Heard

I've been busy. Very very busy. Artwise, and designwise. For example, I'm now working with Trash Bags. We're scheming and dreaming up new, super awesome stuff for all you bicycle messengers and bicycle messenger wannabes, and regular people who ride bikes alot. Just released, the Trash Picker Mittens. For the first week only, get them cheaper with the code 'mittenmadness' at the checkout. The jerks over at Bike Jerks seem to like them too.

Maybe the boys can get some decent pictures soon. I'm too busy sewing to do it myself, as it is :) Alright. Back to the studio.

The Winter Blues and Golds

My mother is a talented quilter, did you know that? Well, as part of my winter line that will debut at thee Sashay Shantay, I asked her to learn me some quiltin'! Thankfully, she said yes and we headed up to the north woods for some intensive designing/quilting magic. My sister Hannah came up with us to lend a sewing hand too. I'm so lucky to have such an industrial, artistic, and helpful family!

The views were great from our sewing room.

My mom teaches me all about piecework.

Off to Kansas City for more family time over the New Year. Wishing you a happy new one and to stay tuned in 2012 for more and more awesomeness. I have great plans in store for this blog!

In the Workshop

Just a few shots of what I've been working on for the CO Exhibitions World Craft Fair that happened this past Saturday. It was a great show, so much cool stuff handmade by the awesome vendors. If you missed it, you really missed out.

I debuted some handmade collars. These beauties (and others like them) are not available online just yet, but will be soon! Stay tuned.